Watch James Corden Don Kiss Makeup, Sing Old Man Version of ‘Rock and Roll All Nite’

James Corden donned a flashy outfit, covered his face in makeup and tried to temper the wild and crazy tone of the signature Kiss track “Rock and Roll All Nite” during a performance with the band on The Late Late Show Monday.

Corden’s middle-aged remix found him trading lyrics with Gene Simmons and offering alternatives to the latter’s all-night raging, such as, “More than two drinks is a big mistake/ Can’t fall asleep and get the worst headache/ I got work tomorrow, let’s not get crazy.” Later in the song, Kiss belted the track’s iconic refrain – “I wanna rock and roll all night/ And party every day” – while Corden offered his own modest desires, “I wanna go out to the beach/ And just go up to my waist!” MORE


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