Grace McKagan of the Pink Slips Live In-Studio on Jonesy’s Jukebox!

Jonesy’s Jukebox playlist 03/29/19


Guest The Pink Slips’ Grace McKagan





Alice Cooper

Hello Hooray

Modest Mouse

Poison the Well

The Illicits

In What World

The Stooges

I Wanna Be Your Dog

Killing Joke


Rolling Stones

Let It Bleed

The Pink Slips

Sweet Talker


TV Set

David Bowie

Boys Keep Swinging

The Dead Weather

I Feel Love (Every Million Miles)

The Pink Slips


The Who

The Punk and the Godfather

Ian Hunter

Once Bitten Twice Shy


In The Meantime

Perry Ferrell

Pirate Punk Politician

Rage Against the Machine

Guerilla Radio

Ty Segall

Cherry Red

Black Mountain

Future Shade

Ozzy Osbourne

Riding High Again

Bad Company

Movin’ On

Heavy Metal Kids

Hangin’ On

Deep Purple

Strange Kind of Woman







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