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Kids Say The Most Terrifying Things

A eerie story about a kid who says a dead mother visits her at night sparks the conversation about kids who say creepy and terrifying things.MORE

Paul McCartney reveals new single ‘Fuh You’ plus full tracklisting for his new album

Macca’s first studio album in five years is out next month Paul McCartney has shared a new single from his forthcoming album ‘Egypt Station’, and revealed the full tracklisting for the record. The latest single finds the former Beatle exploring a contemporary pop sound, and is a change in direction from the relatively traditional-sounding tracks we’ve heard thus far.…MORE

Is it as old as Debra Messing?

Frank creates the new (and one day only) game where he gives a product and listeners guess if it turns 50 this year with Debra Messing?MORE

Adopting Old Dogs

A terminally ill old dog gets help with his bucket list and FHF ask “What animal chased you?”MORE