He’s an 18-Year-Old Mormon. He’s Also a Supermodel

Today’s stereotype-busting story comes compliments of the Times of London, which shares the story of Lucky Blue Smith, an 18-year-old Mormon who isn’t currently on a 2-year mission, which is what the church recommends for teens of that age. “I feel I can spread the word much bigger by staying,” he says. That would be staying in the upper echelons of the fashion world, where the teen originally from Spanish Fork, Utah, currently resides. The Times calls him “the face of the age.” New York Magazine describes him as ” basically the One Direction of male models.” The New York Times goes the distance with “most hyped male model on the planet.” He’s done campaigns ranging from Tom Ford to Marc Jacobs to Balmain and was dubbed one of the “13 most stylish men in the world right now” by GQ.