KLOS Name Game

KLOS Name Game

Play the KLOS Name Game and win big cash (and a two-night stay the Sahara Las Vegas, including $100 food/beverage credit).  All you have to do is be caller 13 and guess the correct name we’re looking for when we tell you to call.  Every time there is an incorrect guess, the cash jackpot grows.  Your shot to play happens each weekday, every hour from 8am through 5pm.

We’ll always give you the category the name comes from, and also tell you the last name to be guessed, to help you out.  If you follow along some, it could be pretty very easy for you to win.  Here are a few examples of the names we’ll be looking for.

·        This popular breakfast cereal has a two-word name, what is it?

·        The Beatles released 17 albums in the United States in the ‘60s, what’s the name of the album we’re thinking of?

·        This very popular ‘90s movie has a two-word name/title, what is it?

·        This delicious beer has a one-word name, what is it?

We finally have our Name Game winner! Tai from Signal Hill correctly guessed Owen Wilson!


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