Heidi and Frank – 09/30/21

Topics discussed on today’s show: Who’s Going To Hell?, Lotto Jackpot Winning Purchases, Moving Out Of Cali, Saving Money, Round Table: Big Families, Birthdays, News of the Day, Win Lotto Then Die, Saving Money with Amazon, Burnt Down $400k House, Raising the US Debt, Shortage Of Gas Truckers, Guess The Correct British Term, Spears Conservatorship, Pacquio For President, Tommy Kirk Passes Away, Sick Aladdin on Broadway, Women’s March Madness, Disney World Turns 50, Science and Tech: Extinction, Zoolander, Good News: Pancakes, Hotel Requests, Friend Surprises Friend, Schmoe’s Movie Reviews, Movie Password, Heather McDonald stops by the show, Animal News, Ever Fight An Animal, and Apologies.


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