Must-watch videos of the week

Must-watch videos of the week

A snake handler captures a 10-foot python at the grocery store, a zoo guest wrestles an alligator, and a 9-year-old opera singer impresses the “America’s Got Talent” judges. These are the must-watch videos of the week.

Special surprise in the spice aisle

Call it serendipity that a trained snake handler and a python happened to be shopping for spices at the same time in an Australian supermarket. Before the non-venomous Diamond python could slither off with a jar of paprika and spook the other customers, handler Helaina Alati captured it with a snake bag and released it safely into nearby bushland.

See you later, alligator

Donnie Wiseman had an unexpectedly interactive day at the zoo when he jumped into an alligator enclosure to save Scales and Tales Utah handler Lindsay Bull from the jaws of the star attraction, 8-foot, 6-inch Darthgator. Wiseman described the incident to CNN affiliate KUTV as a “crazy situation” and said, “I’m just glad that girl is okay.”

Prime exit

The next-day delivery at Amazon is no joke. CNN’s Jeanne Moos reports on how one semi-truck headed toward Dallas took the road less traveled, making an impromptu exit across the grass to escape bad traffic.

Not the response anyone wants

During an interview on the show “Hart to Heart,” host Kevin Hart profusely apologized for his expressive response after Don Cheadle shared his age. When some viewers questioned if the exchange was a joke, Hart clarified on Twitter that it was just improv. Cheadle also laughed off the moment in a Tweet, writing “I think this is my favorite interview ever.”

Opera aficionado

Opera singer Victory Brinker, 9, wowed “America’s Got Talent” judges with her vocals in the audition round, earning a first-of-its-kind group golden buzzer. Judge Simon Cowell predicted great things for her career, likening Victory to a young Carrie Underwood on “American Idol.”

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