This time-tested buzz-bringer from South of the Border makes its way into our cocktail glasses as early as Cinco de Mayo, and doesn't leave until sometime in late September. While its origin is the stuff of legend, we're fairly certain of one thing: it was named for a gal named "Marguerite" (or possibly Rita De La Rosa).

Fortunately, the drink's divergent beginnings have all led to one essential recipe. Follow the steps below to have this classic on the rocks, or mix the ingredients in a blender for a frozen treat.

* Cut a wedge of lime and rim your margarita glasses with it. Next, hold the glasses upside-down and dip the rim into salt. Set aside.

* In a shaker, combine 35 ml (7 parts) tequila with 20 ml (4 parts) triple sec

* Add 15 ml (3 parts) lemon or lime juice

* Shake well and pour into salt-rimmed glasses. Delicious.


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