Jim “JD” Daniels

Jim “JD” Daniels

“When I was a kid in high school, I wanted to work at KLOS. What a job that would be!”

Growing up in So Cal, JD was a typical kid with big dreams. Singing in his garage band “Redline” was a nice leg up into the radio business, KOMP Las Vegas was the first gig. “After that I was ruined for a real job. No way could I work a day job after being exposed to radio up close.” JD spent years criss-crossing the country, working with the biggest names in Rock and Sports: Houston, Detroit, New Orleans, San Diego, all stops on his personal US radio tour.

JD came to KLOS from NBC Sports Radio where he was working as a host and producer. He started analyzing Fantasy Football in 2014 for the network and quickly compiled an astonishing record and winning percentage. He along with Rob Buska both came on board to create “Sports on Tap w/ JD & The Bush,” which ran for more than four years on KLOS.

In the post-pandemic world, JD has resurfaced as the KLOS Weekend Anchor. He is on the air from 2pm to 8pm on Saturday and Sunday — taking phone calls, playing requests, sharing rock n’ roll stories, making mistakes, eatin’, smokin’, and keeping an eye on the local sports world.

“The only job I’ve ever wanted.”

Find JD on Twitter: @JDonKLOS



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