Jim “JD” Daniels

Jim “JD” Daniels
Sports on Tap Weekends

outside-the-gnr-tour-wagonRight around the time MTV started blowing up JD left So Cal for Las Vegas to attend UNLV. He wound up on the air at 92.3 the Vegas home of Rock. Almost every year since he’s been on the radio in Southern California, LA to SD, OC and the IE too.

JD was a member of the launch crew for the Fox Sports Radio Network in 2001. “This is a job? Covering Dodger and Laker games”?

That is where he got to know KLOS legend Bob Coburn. “BC’s Rockline studio was right across the hall from our Fox Sports studio. We literally had Rock Stars wandering into the wrong on-air studio. It was hilarious. We even got some of them to jam for us thanks to Bob”.

JD’s pretty much stuck to sports radio since then. In 2014 he joined the launch team for the NBC Sports Radio Network. He handles special assignments, does a weekly Jim Daniels Show and is also the producer and host of Speaking of Sports. All found at NBCSportsRadio.com

KLOS handed off Saturday afternoons to JD during football season in 2015. He’s part of the Sports on Tap crew at KLOS as well but loves his Saturday job as a musicologist. “That’s what the consultant called me. That’s a good thing, right?”

That 95.5 dial position is a big deal to JD.

“I’m a big Rock n Roll guy and I’ve always wanted to work at KLOS, been listening since High School. The Rock of Southern California is the perfect spot for a Hollywood Vampire in training like me. Cheers!”


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