Our production and imaging director, first-string utility jock, unofficial station mascot, content supplier, and resident grammar and fashion police enforcer is Stew Herrera.  Stew came to KLOS in 1994 when (he says) he was just 4 years old.  Unlikely, as he’d spent the previous 6 years at So Cal hard rock/metal stalwart KNAC.  (No one said Stew was good at math.) 

Anyway, he’s been here for a long freakin’ time and hasn’t found anything he likes better than creating weird KLOS station IDs, contest promos and general audio silliness that (hopefully) keeps our audience (mildly) entertained. 

Stew hosted the beloved Horns Up show on KLOS Saturday nights, and frequently fills in for Marci Wiser in middays, Sluggo in the afternoons, or just crashes KLOS air-shifts at random.  You’ve also heard Stew’s voice on literally hundreds of movie trailers, television network promos and national commercials.  Yeah- he’s one of those VO guys. 

When he’s not working or sleeping, Stew loves body-boarding, playing guitar, and prefers to travel on 2 wheels, either crushing the throttle, or cranking the pedals.

Twitter @stewvox

IG @stew herrera

Tiktok @stew herrera


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