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Date of Birth: 
December 21st (yes, it was treated separate from Christmas)
Place of Birth: 
Syracuse, New York…but, when only 15 months old, we moved to So. Cal. And I grew up in Palos Verdes.
Life/career short story: 
Denise grew up on LA’s famed “Boss Radio” and never dreamed one day she would actually be in the biz herself meeting some of those legendary performers. Although, some high school friends have since told her at class reunions that upon graduation she already had her sights on becoming a “DJ”.
So then on to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where she did graduate in Broadcast Journalism and got hands on experience at the campus radio station. It was a lucky break when the first FM rock radio commercial station started up in SLO and she landed the AM show and was working professionally her last 1 1/2 years in school.
Then she came back home to the SoCal area to try LA radio and got a job doing AM’s at KNAC in Long Beach in ’77. This stint lasted a few years and also included being Music Director. By late 1980, “The Roq of the Eighties” was calling at KROQ where she did middays.
A huge dream was realized when “KMET” hired her in late 1982 to eventually replace the retiring Mary Turner at “The Mighty Met”. The almost four years included not only evenings with the original “Local Licks” SoCal music show, but an effort with a team AM show called Klub Met.
Just before KMET left the airwaves, Denise segued to KNX-FM and over a few years, spent time doing evenings, then AM drive and finally early afternoon. While at KNX-FM, the station lobbied for a Star on the Hollywood Boulevard Walk Of Fame for the late John Lennon, and when it happened, Denise hosted the event on the air. Interviewing Yoko Ono at the ceremony turned out to be a pretty amazing experience.
Unfortunately, by early 1989, even that station was to change formats which landed her at what was to become K-Lite. After only a few months, Denise decided to return to Rock radio and accepted an offer in San Diego to do middays at KCLX. Over the next decade, she would also work at KGB and for a couple of years, handle their AM show. A great opportunity included working middays at The Eagle, but in an era of stations being bought and sold, it too went away. The last stint was at The Planet.
Denise has always wanted to work for the legendary KLOS and oddly enough, people will sometimes say she already must have worked there…but, not until now!   To have the chance to return to LA where she spent 13 years of her career and get the opportunity to be a part of their team is fabulous! “It’s like coming back home!”
First Concert: 
CSN&Y at the LA Forum (only 14, so our parents had to drive my boyfriend and I to and from the show.)
Lots of golfing, Central and Northern California wine tasting, and sampling all those microbreweries when traveling.



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