Horns Up! Playlist 2/20/16 w/ Doug Pinnick, Phil X, & Marq Torien

Horns Up!  The Ass We Kick... May Be Your Own.
Horns Up! The Ass We Kick…
May Be Your Own.


Horns Up Hour 1

Cheap Trick- Hello There

Iron Maiden- Aces High

Mr. Big- Addicted to the Rush

Scorpions- Another Piece of Meat

Motorhead- Iron Fist

The Drills- Stink

ACDC- Beatin’ Around the Bush

Metallica- Blitzkrieg

The Drills-Dug Pinnick- No Woman of Mine

King’s X- Dogman


Horns Up Hour 2

Deep Purple- Burn

Bulletboys- Smooth Up

Guns n Roses- My Michelle

Y&T- Meanstreak

Bulletboys- Rollover

Megadeth- Hangar 18

Queen- Sheer Heart Attack

Black Sabbath- Mob Rules

Saigon Kick- Hostile Youth

Saxon- Power and the Glory


Horns Up Hour 3

Saxon- Power & the Glory

Love Hate – Rock Queen

KISS- Parasite

Iron Maiden- Wrathchild

Alice in Chains- Dam That River

Judas Priest- Hell Bent For Leather***

Thin Lizzy- Hollywood (Down On Your Luck)

 Pat Travers- Snortin’ Whiskey

Dokken- Tooth & Nail

Queensryche- Walk In the Shadows

Disturbed- The Sound of Silence

***Crazy Craig’s Terrible Tune


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