Restorer of Beatles Film ‘Yellow Submarine’ Talks ‘State of the Art’ Version Coming to Big Screen For 50th Anniversary

The animated film Yellow Submarine has been shown a lot of love from both The Beatles and the public in its 50 years since its release in 1968. Starting today (July 9), to celebrate the movie’s 50th anniversary, fans in the U.S. will be treated to theater screenings of the best-looking version of the film they’ve ever seen.

That’s according to Paul Rutan Jr. at Triage Motion Picture Services and Eque Inc. who led the team that re-scanned the film to the 4k resolution used on the Blu-ray and DVD release in 2012, as well as the theatrical cut to be debuted this week. “It’s fully restored and it looks great,” Rutan tells Billboard in a phone interview. “The restoration that I did is state-of-the-art, the best that it can be,” he said.

Although most of the work was used for the release of the Blu-ray and DVD, there have been other improvements that theater viewers will notice, too. “The changes that were made were made basically was replacing scenes that had been shortened, correcting sequences that had been changed for the United States market, and also inserting the ‘Hey Bulldog’ sequence,” Rutan details. “And Apple did a new 5.1 stereo track.” (The “Hey Bulldog” sequence was not seen in the version of the film originally shown in the U.S.)  MORE


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