Sammy Hagar Says He’s Changing His Ways Because of ‘Space Between’

Sammy Hagar said the process of recording Space Between, the first album by his band, the Circle, inspired him to change.

Hagar, who has released 26 albums over the past four decades, credits his new album as the reason why he learned a whole new process to making music.

“When you have to write 10 or 12 brand new songs, they’re concepts themselves, if you think about it. You go, ‘Okay, now I gotta come up with a scenario to write about.’ ‘I Can’t Drive 55,’ that could have been a concept record, I guess, now that I see how you do it. You just think, ‘Okay, what happens to the guy next? He went to jail, and then … .’ But I mean that would have been a silly concept record. This one, I think, is much more important to the world, the fact that it’s about money, greed, enlightenment and truth — and in that order. It’s so much easier taking one concept and just writing songs about the same situation than it is to come up with 10 or 12 new situations without a concept. I’m changing my ways.”

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