The Who’s Roger Daltrey Explains His Allergy to Pot

Roger Daltrey explained his stance on pot after recently cursing out some fans who lit up during a show.

A video went viral showing Daltrey getting angry during the Who’s Moving On! orchestral tour stop at Madison Square Garden. Daltrey has since explained how he has an “extreme allergic reaction” to marijuana smoke.

“All I ask for is a little respect for someone doing their best to deliver a good night out for everyone,” Daltrey said in a statement to Billboard magazine. “I have a sensitive issue on my vocal cords and the smoke has the effect of shutting down my voice making singing really hard work.”

“If you have to smoke it, get off your ass and go to the bog [bathroom] or eat it, please refrain from blowing clouds of it at me,” he continued. “I probably end up smoking more of your pot than you do and it becomes a singer’s nightmare. You are putting the whole show in jeopardy by your selfish behavior. Give it some thought.”


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