Doug “Sluggo” Roberts

Doug “Sluggo” Roberts
Doug “Sluggo” Roberts claims he was born a poor lumberjack in the back woods of Nebraska, but he has, in fact, lived most of his life here in Los Angeles.  He was on KROQ for a couple of decades, Howard Stern’s version of K-Rock in New York City from ’96-’03 and he’s still slingin’ 80’s and 90’s Rock on SiriusXM.  Doug is also currently playing the LOUD stuff every afternoon on 95.5 KLOS from 3p-7p, and he swears he wasn’t at the scene of the crime.  Find him on Twitter (@SluggoDoug), Instagram (@SluggoDougg) and Facebook (DUGsLUGGOrOBERTS). (*aka Slugcedes Benz, Baron Von Slug, The SlugMonkey and Thurston Howell The Monster.)


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