Doug “Sluggo” Roberts

Doug “Sluggo” Roberts claims he was born a poor lumberjack in the back woods of Nebraska, but he has, in fact, lived most of his life here in Los Angeles.  He was on KROQ for a couple of decades, Howard Stern’s version of K-Rock in New York City from ’96-’03 and he’s still slingin’ 80’s and 90’s Rock on SiriusXM.  Doug is also currently playing the LOUD stuff every afternoon on 95.5 KLOS from 3p-7p, and he swears he wasn’t at the scene of the crime.  Find him on Twitter (@SluggoDoug), Instagram (@SluggoDougg) and Facebook (DUGsLUGGOrOBERTS). (*aka Slugcedes Benz, Baron Von Slug, The SlugMonkey and Thurston Howell The Monster.)


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Joe Bonamassa Live In Concert Worldwide Livestream

Joe Bonamassa Live In Concert Worldwide Livestream

Joe Bonamassa live in your living room with his NEW STUDIO ALBUM for the first time ever! On September 20th, the blues-rock titan will take the stage LIVE at the legendary Ryman Auditorium to present his NEW studio album Royal Tea and fan favorites from his recent anniversary album A New Day NowLooking to purchase tickets? Each purchase of this livestream concert event includes a $1 donation to the Keeping The Blues Alive Foundation for Joe’s Fueling Musicians Program to continue his mission of helping touring musicians affected by COVID-19. Click HERE for tickets and info!