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Gary is a Kentucky native who ended up in Los Angeles thanks to (in order of blame): The Dodgers, the Rams, Coach Wooden & UCLA, Coach McKay & USC, The Brady girls (well, Marcia and Jan),The Doors, KHJ, Batman, Dragnet, Where the Action Is, the Sunset Strip and basically every cool TV show, movie, sporting event & radio station originating in southern California.

Since arriving in LA, he’s covered everything from the World Series to the Oscars to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame to the Stanley Cup to the Super Bowl to the 2007 Led Zeppelin reunion concert in London. Gary lives the dream every day he’s on KLOS and believes college football season ends way too soon.

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Those 10 songs were my 10 favorites on that particular day, and if you asked me again today I’m sure “Help” and “Tangled Up In Blue” and a couple of others would make the list. But I’d probably choose “April Come She Will” over “Bookends” today. And add things like Spencer Davis/Gimme Some Lovin’, ELP/From The Beginning, The Who/Bell Boy and a few others. That said, here’s why I picked what I picked above:

1) HELP!–The 1st coolest song I ever heard. I made my friend Tommy Pasco play his sister’s 45 of it over the phone to me about 8 times after hearing it once on the radio.

2) Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey–The song is one continuous melodic hook! Reminds me of a sunny day in Memphis, visiting my brother.

3) Tangled Up In Blue–I love so many of Bob’s songs, but had to memorize & sing this one from the first time I heard it. “Lily, Rosemary & Jack Of Hearts” and “Most Of The Time” run a close 2nd & 3rd.

4) And You And I–Are my prog rock roots showing? Epic, beautiful, transcendent, stunning. F the critics.

5) Fall On Me–It IS the greatest REM song, period. Don’t even argue to me about that because you’ll be wasting your time. But do listen to it in headphones and see if you can hear the old pump organ they used on most every track.

6) Old Friends/Bookends–The simplest, greatest musical instruments is the human voice. Marvin Gaye, Aretha, Robert Plant, Art Garfunkel.

7) White Winter Hymnal–Fleet Foxes’ 2008 debut is one of the greatest albums I’ve ever heard. This was the first thing I heard from it and, like the rest of the songs, it just sounds like winter.

8) Estimated Prophet–The unusual time signature, lyrics celebrating this here golden state, Jerry’s guitar, Bobby’s voice– I’ll never not like it.

9) Bowling Green–My brother/sis-in-law live there, I went to college there, I sang this at the top of my lungs during homecomings there and you can hear native Kentuckians Phil & Don give it their bluegrass best.

10) Riviera Paradise–If I’m lucky enough to make it to the gates

of Heaven and this is playing, I’ll be happy.

And not surprised.  (Here’s a link to see & hear

what I’m talking about:

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