Los Angeles, CA
February 15, 2015, Los Angeles, California 
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Fun was had by all at the BEAT M.S. DRUM CIRCLE this weekend, led by drummer STEPHEN PERKINS of JANE’S ADDICTION.  This was the third BEAT M.S. DRUM CIRCLE, which takes place periodically in an ongoing effort to raise awareness and donations for people living with M.S.  
Donations raised during the events go directly to the ROCK AGAINST M.S. foundation, which was started by Nancy Sayle – long-time Los Angeles publicist to the Rock Stars, who herself has this devastating disease, which she refers to as “a wrecking ball.” 
Perkins, who has loved ones affected by Multiple Sclerosis, has been driven to help out in any way he can.  And what better way for him to lend a hand.  
In the Drum Circle, a sense of community is built, which scientifically has been shown to boost the immune system, improve mood, and relieve tension, anxiety, and stress in anyone, especially those affected by the disease.  Drumming also aids in helping those afflicted with M.S. in their mobility, easing soreness, and helping keep the synchronicity between brain and body activity.  And it doesn’t hurt that it just sounds great.  
Also on hand was local artist NORTON WISDOM, whose dynamic light paintings accompanied the rhythm of the room.   
Drum head manufacturer Remo, who printed and then donated the BEAT M.S. DRUM CIRCLE drum heads, donates drums and other percussion instruments to the events.  Remo has been instrumental (pun intended) in helping the BEAT MS DRUM CIRCLE take place since its inception. 
Participation in the BEAT M.S. DRUM CIRCLE is free to those affected by M.S., their families, and their caregivers (wheelchairs are welcome).  For all others, donations are appreciated in helping the foundation help those who suffer now with M.S.   
For more information on upcoming events, visit Rock Against M.S. on facebook at 
SPOTTED IN THE CROWD:  Actor and musician Phil Buckman, punk drummer Tony “Tiny” Biuso, and drummer Jimmy D’Anda.   


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