Presented by Death or Glory and Angel City Brewery
Angel City Brewery, Los Angeles, CA
March 19, 2015

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We had never been to the ANGEL CITY BREWERY, which sits deep in the heart of Los Angels’s ever-budding art district (tucked neatly between the LA River and Little Tokyo), but now we are sure we’ll be back.


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Angel City Brewery occupies the former (but preserved) John A. Roebling’s Sons Co. Wire Works building (built in 1913) which once was a bustling wire rope company – supplying much of the nation’s industrial era steel rope to the rest of the country. Don’t know Roebling’s name? That’s okay – you’ve probably cruised across a wire rope suspension bridge or two the guy designed – just think Brooklyn Bridge (which he designed in the late 1860s – dying from a wound he sustained while standing at the docks on the shore nearby).

ANYWAY, I digress. So Angel City Brewery (in this fantastically-preserved building) played co-host – along with SCOTT PARKER, creator of the really cool “sit-down-and-have-a-chat-and-a-drink-with-this-badass-musician” documentary series called DEATH OR GLORY (find Death or Glory on Facebook), to what can only be called a mixed media affair – right during the middle of an average work week.

An all-encompassing showcase of music-related arts (which held it particularly close to our hearts) and live entertainment, the event featured art and photography from several music-related artists (including the designers of several album covers and posters we all grew up with) including stand-out70s/80s punk-era photographer EDWARD COLVER, MERWIN BERIN, CHRIS SHARY, TOM NESS, HAZE XXL, CR STECYK III, and many more.

Also on tap were debuts of four of Death or Glory’s most recently-shot episodes (which featured many of the night’s performers), a live DJ, and some great (albeit short) performances by BUZZ OSBORNE (KING BUZZO) of the Melvins, CHRIS SHIFLETT (Foo Fighters/No Use for a Name), JONNY 2 BAGS (Social Distortion), DERWOOD ANDREWS (Generation X), and SEAN WHEELER (Throw Rag) and ZANDER SCHLOSS (Circle Jerks/The Weirdos/Joe Strummer) – a musical duo we are quite fond of.

Oh, and there were some pretty tasty food trucks (THANK YOU, ROCK AND ROLL PIZZA from Moorpark! You guys ROCKED it!), a really cool record swap, and some great apparel for sale (LETHAL AMOUNTS – your Repo Man shirt was hilarious!).

We’re hoping that Parker will make this an annual event – or at least do it a few more times!! What fun!

SPOTTED IN THE CROWD: None other than Death or Glory subject and legendary punk icon LEE VING of FEAR (Seriously, I almost lost my mind, I was so excited!), GARY TWINN (Supernaut/The International Swingers), Parker’s former bandmate and DoG subject CASEY CHAOS, most of the photographers and artists, and, of course, all the guys who performed!


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