Height: 5’1″

Weight: 100 lbs

Eye Color: Green

Stats: 32D-23-34

How did you get started in modeling? I started modeling for Bud Light shortly after college graduation. Some photos I shot ended up in the hands of 93.3 WMMR, a Philadelphia rock radio station; they asked me to model for their calendar and I’ve been on the go ever since!

What are your goals and ambitions? To keep following my passions and challenge myself, professionally and creatively. At the end of each day I just want to be happy and feel accomplished, no matter where I end up.

Any turn ons? A gentleman, sense of humor, confidence, a giving and loving nature, and someone who takes care of their body. Oh, and I’m a sucker for great eyes!

Any turn offs? Lack of trust, dishonesty, immaturity, arrogance, poor manners, and all talk, no action types.

What’s the best concert you’ve been to? Britney, bitch!

What’s the boyfriend (or girlfriend) status? Seeing someone.

What’s your favorite sports team? All Philadelphia sports teams, of course, but I enjoy watching the Flyers. Hockey is my favorite sport to watch, especially live.

Hobbies? What keeps a lady like you busy? When I’m not shooting I’m spending time with friends and family, traveling, taking a yoga/pilates class, NYC for acting class, shopping, at the beach, by the pool in the summer, or being a nerd and reading at Barnes and Noble.

Which do you prefer and why? Boy shorts, thongs, granny panties or are you the adventurous type that goes COMMANDO? Sometimes you just have to go commando! But mostly thongs, and definitely sexy panties or boy shorts to bed.

What kind of bands/music are you into? I appreciate all music, but my go-to’s are country, alternative, pop, acoustic, and some techno and hip hop.

What do you do for fun on a Saturday night? Dinner and drinks then go out with friends to either Philly or Atlantic City. If I feel like having a low key night I’ll snuggle up with a good movie and wine.

Worst pick up line someone has used on you? Did it work? Too many to name. And no, they never work! It ends up just being an awkward moment… for me at least! Lol. So no lines, guys. Just be yourself and be genuine.

What projects are you currently working on? Right now I’m continuing to build my portfolio and acting reel, studying for my pilates teaching certification… I have a few other things up my sleeve

What kinds of things would you like to see in your future? I’d love to travel the world, get involved in bigger modeling projects, shoot more calendars, magazine spreads, and land a role in a TV show or feature film. I would love to start my own fashion and accessory line, as well.

Ever had a rock star/celebrity hit on you? Who? Yes, a country artist this past summer.


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