AMY GRACE | JUNE 8, 2015

AMY GRACE | JUNE 8, 2015
AMY GRACE | JUNE 8, 2015

City/State: Minneapolis, MN

Height: 5’4″

Weight: 125 lbs

Eye Color: Green

How did you get started in modeling? It was pure luck! I love the art of fighting in all forms and it all started by going to local Minneapolis MMA fights. After being asked to be a ring girl for a local company people started to notice me and the opportunities flourished from there!

What are your goals and ambitions? To finish my doctorate in anesthesiology with an emphasis in nursing

Any turn ons? Wit and charm. Be a cheerful guy who knows how to be smart at the right time! A Confident guy. Confidence is a huge turn on for any girl. No cockiness, but confidence. Then a guy who’s in control of his life. A guy that is proud of himself and his achievements will most likely transfer into being a man I’m proud to be with!

Any turn offs? Insecure personalities, oversensitivity, stupidity, and boring guys!

What’s the best concert you’ve been to? Overall experience, Chevelle concert with the 2012 93x girl unveiling! It’s where I got to meet a ton of new kick ass girls and the amazing 93x crew (Pablo of course!)…I almost forgot to mention, some incredible hard rock music!

What’s the boyfriend (or girlfriend) status? Single, just haven’t found my knight in shining armor!

What’s your favorite sports team? MN Vikings. “Football’s a way of life!”-Varsity Blues My dad had me in Viking gear before I could walk or talk and I would be kicked out of the family if I wasn’t a purple people eater fan!

Hobbies? What keeps a lady like you busy? I am a full time nurse on top of keeping busy with fights and modeling. I spend most my time at work or at the gym, other than that I just like to spend quality time with friends and family. I’m down to try almost anything once, so whatever’s clever!

Which do you prefer and why? Boy shorts, thongs, granny panties or are you the adventurous type that goes COMMANDO?At work, I want people to know me for my brain, so nothing crazy. Whatever is comfortable! Out and about most definitely a thong! It’s a self esteem booster, I prefer to feel sexy under the clothing so it can translate into sexy on top of the clothing! Plus I have a booty and no one thinks panty-lines are sexy!

What kind of bands/music are you into? Heavy metal! I am a huge Static-x fan! I also enjoy pantera, five finger death punch, in this moment, disturbed, stained…I could go on for days!

What do you do for fun on a Saturday night? Like I said before, I’m down to try anything at least once! If I’m not hanging out with friends, at fights, or at work, you might see me out and about in the Minneapolis night life! I love to go dancing and have a couple drinks with friends, but if you throw me an opportunity to go skydiving or take a random trip to Vegas, I’M IN!

Worst pick up line someone has used on you? Did it work? I don’t think it’s appropriate for the radio stations website…it didn’t work, but it was so creative, crude, and funny that I wasn’t even mad! (Actual Pick-up line: “I would suck the dick of the last guy you fucked just to get close to you.” …right?! Kinda funny?!)

Ever had a rock star/celebrity hit on you? Who? I wish I had a fun answer for this, but whenever I meet a celebrity I tend to just be myself and try to make them laugh with my witty humor.

What projects are you currently working on? I am trying to expand my modeling into bigger names and better brands, without mentioning names, there’s a lot of exciting work in my future!


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