Aerosmith Kicks Off “Blue Army Tour” in Glendale, Arizona

Aerosmith Kicks Off “Blue Army Tour” in Glendale, Arizona

Aerosmith Set ListAerosmith has officially kicked off their “Blue Army Tour” Saturday June 13 in Glendale, Arizona.

The band opened with their classic “Draw the Line” from their 1977 album followed by some of their best known songs that included “Cryin,” “Walk this Way,” and “Mama Kin.” The night finished with an enthusiastic performance and encore of “Dream On” and “Sweet Emotion.”

For concertgoers that may have been hoping to hear hits that included “Jaded,” “Janie’s Got a Gun.” and “Crazy,” Aerosmith made up for it by including classics like “Monkey on My Back” and “No More No More.’

“We have so many songs in our catalog and there’s a lot of songs from the early days that we kind of just like to take out and dust ‘em off and try and keep it interesting,” said Brad Whitford. “The hard thing about our show is we … have a bunch of hits that we feel like we have to play and feel like people want to hear, [but we also want] to intersperse the show with stuff that may be a little more eclectic.”

As the set list is never set in stone, the band has time between shows to make adjustments as they have announced via Twitter.

The Blue Army Tour will be the last tour before lead singer Steven Tyler leaves to pursue a music career in country.

Aerosmith Opens with "Draw the Line" in Glendale, Arizona


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