Jimmy Page Chats With Gary Moore


95-5 KLOS & Led Zeppelin go back a lonnnnng way together. In fact, to 1969 when Led Zeppelin’s debut album was released and the first year for KLOS as well.  Jimmy Page mentioned that shared heritage when he spoke with Gary Moore on July 16th from London.  Jimmy and Gary also talked about the final 3 Led Zeppelin remasters–Presence, In Through The Out Door & Coda–as well as the long-awaited surprises on the companion discs of previously unreleased Led Zeppelin music and much more.  (Big thanks to Jason Elzy & Rich Mahan at Rhino Records and KLOS Engineer Mike for all their help.)  Hope you enjoy!


Thin The Herd 2020

Thin The Herd 2020

Want to eat more burgers in the future? Then we have to thin the herd now. Here are some of the things dumb people do and why they shouldn’t take up our space anymore.Continue Reading