35 Years Ago: The Eagles Break-Up On Stage

35 Years Ago: The Eagles Break-Up On Stage

As The Eagles wrapped up their 1979 The Long Run tour with a benefit show for Senator Alan Cranston in Long Beach, CA, tensions between band members imploded on stage which inevitably led to the bands breakup.

On July 31, 1980 pent up anger between bandmates Glenn Frey and Don Felder came to a head on stage in what became their last show. During a meet-and-greet before the concert, an exchange between Cranston and Felder created turmoil within the band.

According to Frey, as Cranston thanked the band members for doing the show, Felder responded with “You’re Welcome, Senator… I guess.” The lack of appreciation from Felder led to the unraveling of tension on stage.

“I felt Don Felder insulted Senator Cranston under his breath, and I confronted him with it. So now we’re onstage, and Felder looks back at me and says, ‘Only three more songs till I kick your ass, pal.’ And I’m saying, ‘Great. I can’t wait,’” Frey later recalled. “We’re out there singing ‘Best of My Love,’ but inside both of us are thinking, ‘As soon as this is over, I’m gonna kill him.’ That was when I knew I had to get out.”

The night ended with a smashed guitar and a quick getaway by Felder. The next day Eagles bassist Timothy B. Schmit called Frey and was told that The Eagles were finished.

Although the band reunited in the 90’s, Felder left the band again in 2001 handling it this time with lawyers instead of physical violence.


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