City Council Declares August 8th to be “95.5 KLOS-‘80s ROCK DAY”

City Council Declares August 8th to be “95.5 KLOS-‘80s ROCK DAY”


Whereas, since 1969, 95.5 KLOS has been The Rock of Southern California and while there have been many rock stations in Los Angeles, 95.5 KLOS has withstood the test of time and remains relevant in the preferred rock and roll choice for millions of younger and older rock music fans; and

Whereas, while the ‘70s saw 95.5 KLOS further acts such as Led Zeppelin, Eagles, Rolling Stones, and more, the 1980’s became a phenomenal decade for the station. It became a ratings leader; was influential in igniting the careers of many 1980’s rock bands such as Mötley Crüe and Gun N’ Roses; and helped create the ‘80s rock scene along the famous Sunset Strip; and

Whereas, transitioning out of the ‘70s, which many refer to as the “Me” generation, it was Memorial Day Weekend 1983 when 95.5 KLOS help encourage the ’80s generation to become the “Us” generation by heavily supporting the “Us Festival”, a giant 3-day concert in Devore, CA, that had over 600,000 fans attend and featured the biggest bands in rock and roll, such as U2, Van Halen, Mötley Crüe, and dozens more; and

Whereas, 95.5 KLOS, understanding its responsibilities to the community, has hosted a blood drive for of 34 years encouraging listeners to donate blood and help save lives:

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the City Council of Los Angeles offers congratulations to 95.5 KLOS for over 45 years of providing Los Angelinos with great classic rock and hereby declares August 8th to be “95.5 KLOS-‘80s ROCK DAY” in the City of Los Angeles.





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