39 Years Ago: Keith Moon Plays Final Show

39 Years Ago: Keith Moon Plays Final Show

It was 39 years ago today that Keith Moon played his final show with The Who at the Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto ending the band’s 1976 tour.

The Who’s 1976 tour began in February of the same year and stretched across two stints in North America and several shows in the UK and Europe. The band took the 1976 tour back to their rock roots and the shows were described as truly rocking.

“A lot of people really, really, really, have never understood how important Keith’s drumming style was to the Who,” said Roger Daltrey. “I kind of describe it as, if you imagine Pete and John as two knitting needles, and Keith was the ball of wool. He would kind of keep it all together.” Townshend added, “Keith Moon’s drumming was an expression of his personality and his ego and his grandiosity and his ridiculousness and his theatricality and his sense of humor.”

Moon died two years later on September 7, 1978 at the age of 32.



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