You can now buy a Beatles ‘Sgt. Pepper’ jukebox

You can now buy a Beatles ‘Sgt. Pepper’ jukebox

Looking for a pretty place to put your vinyl — and got plenty of extra money to spend? You may wish to invest in Sound Leisure’s new jukebox, decked out in officially licensed Sgt. Pepper’s regalia.

The company, which bills itself as the last remaining manufacturer of vinyl jukeboxes in the world, partnered with the Beatles‘ Apple Corps to secure official licenses for the limited edition unit, described as an “analog dream machine.” Built with “all the skills and knowledge of their in house research and development team that produced their original vinyl mechanism back in the late ’70s,” the jukebox boasts a “unique rotating vinyl mechanism” capable of spinning either side of the 70 45″ singles it can hold, as well as software for producing personalized title labels.


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