GRETA VAN FLEET: Debut Album Title, Track Listing Revealed

GRETA VAN FLEET: Debut Album Title, Track Listing Revealed

Michigan rockers GRETA VAN FLEET have announced the first details of their debut album.

Titled “Anthem Of The Peaceful City”, the record will contain 10 songs, including “When The Curtain Falls”, which was made available earlier this summer.

A 45-second social media teaser video for “Anthem Of The Peaceful City” can be seen below. An accompanying message reads: “Those of us who cannot hear it, feel it. At the dancing of a heartbeat, is a reminder that humans love. I know that first in darkness, like a great drum in a mother’s chest. The anthem of a peaceful army. To save all the world.”

The “When The Curtain Falls” music video was filmed in Southern California and conceived and directed by acclaimed visual effects artist Benjamin Kutsko (“The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button”“Iron Man”).

GRETA VAN FLEET performed “When The Curtain Falls” on the July 26 episode of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”.

Asked how the making of the new disc was different to the way GRETA VAN FLEET recorded its first two EPs, “Black Smoke Rising” and “From The Fires”, guitarist Jake Kiszka told the DOMKcast: “It has some commonalities, but as far as [how] those two things differ, we had the ability to sit down with all the material that have written and go, ‘Okay, now we have the ability to put something together that is a complete thought.’ Whereas EPs are just kind of concepts — just short pieces — where now we have something that is one full complete thought. MORE


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