Heartbreakers May Do Wildflowers Tribute Show, Album with New Singer

Heartbreakers May Do Wildflowers Tribute Show, Album with New Singer

Mike Campbell of The Heartbreakers (and the current lineup of Fleetwood Mac) revealed things last month that should make Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers fans happy.

The long rumored Wildflowers box set may actually see the light of day. To celebrate and promote the box set, Campbell says they are considering hitting the road.

We’d probably have four or five different guest singers with us. We don’t know who they might be though or when this might happen.

As far as doing another album with a new singer, there’s absolutely nothing in the works at the moment and they don’t have anyone in mind.

…if there’s somebody that we really respect that would want to do an album with a band, we could maybe do that,” says Campbell. “And if we made an album together and that felt really good and we wanted to go on the road as a whole, doing different songs, maybe there’d be a place for that in the future. But that’s just pie-in-the-sky talk. But it definitely would have to be all new material. It wouldn’t be going out and doing Heartbreakers songs without Tom. That would just be like … ugh.

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Back in April, The Heartbreakers (at least 3 of them) performed together for the first time since Tom Petty died. At the Light Up The Blues benefit concert for Autism Speaks, the Heartbreakers were joined on stage by Beck, Stephen Stills and Patti Smith. Those performances can be seen below.


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