Muse used an iPad to create their new artwork

Muse used an iPad to create their new artwork

Artist Kyle Lambert has shared details of how he made the sci-fi imagery on the device

The artist behind Muse‘s artwork for new album ‘Simulation Theory‘ has given fans a look at how he created the image using only an iPad.

Kyle Lambert is an LA-based British artist who is known for using the Apple device to create his works of art. He has also produced Stranger Things poster art for Netflix, as well as artwork for Jumanji and My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman.

In a new video shared on Muse’s YouTube channel, Lambert shows the process behind the sci-fi imagery that will adorn the sleeve of ‘Simulation Theory’. In the beginning, he can be seen creating line drawings on his iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil before the video shifts to a colour version that looks like the finished artwork.



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