Steven Tyler and Joe Walsh Discuss Their Sobriety

Steven Tyler and Joe Walsh Discuss Their Sobriety

Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and Eagles’ Joe Walsh discussed their addiction to alcohol and their sobriety.

Tyler has been sober for over nine years while Walsh hasn’t had a drink in 25. Both musicians spoke with GQ recently about how much they relied on alcohol.

“Stupidly, naively, when I had an album that didn’t do as good as the one before it, my thinking was well, obviously I didn’t drink nearly enough,” Walsh said. “‘Jeez, I need to do more – it’s wearing off’.’”

Walsh also added, “I ended up this godless, hateful thing. I had burned a lot of bridges. I had done crazy things. I didn’t really have any friends … I had forgot I was a musician. I forgot I play guitar – just didn’t do that anymore. I just kind of isolated and sat at home, and I had my own little universe that I was the head of. The only thing that mattered was not running out of vodka and cocaine. And that was a lot of work.”

Read the full story on Ultimate Classic Rock.


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