KISS Fan Gets Refunded After Accusing The Band of Lip-Syncing

KISS Fan Gets Refunded After Accusing The Band of Lip-Syncing

KISS has been accused of lip-syncing during their live shows, resulting in a ticket holder being refunded.

The issue was brought up on SiriusXM’s Trunk Nation hosted by Eddie Trunk. A listener submitted a message to “find out how many ticket buyers have requested a refund due to terrible performances,” and dissed the band, saying, “With bands like KISS for example, Paul Stanley’s atrocious vocal performances would seriously upset me if I paid a substantial amount for a ticket and sit through some of the things I’ve seen uploaded to YouTube.”

In response, Trunk said, “You’ve singled out KISS here but as far as what’s going on there it’s well documented and it’s all over YouTube. Constant examples and proof that Paul is singing to a track. He has a track assisting him in his live performance.” He continued, “I know a guy who spent a grand on four KISS tickets, in Boston, had never seen the band before, saw this stuff on YouTube that he wasn’t gonna get a full live performance, went to Ticketmaster and said, ‘I paid for live, this not fully live, I want a refund.’ Twenty-four hours later, Ticketmaster issued the refund.”

Listen to the clip below.


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