Sebastian Bach Looks Back on the Influence of Skid Row’s Debut Album

Sebastian Bach recently discussed the impact of Skid Row’s debut album.

Last month, Bach announced that he would be performing the entire album on his upcoming fall tour in honor of its 30th anniversary. Released in 1989, the band was one of the last to make it big in the ’80s hard rock era. The album became certified five times platinum in the U.S.

Although Bach eventually left the band to pursue a solo career, he recently sat down with Loudwire to discuss the album’s legacy. “A record like the first Skid Row record, there was no such thing as pro-tools, there was no such thing as in-ear monitors onstage,” he explained. “That’s really a big, humongous difference right there. We didn’t have any other choice but to learn how to make those sounds come out of us.”

“Far too many recording engineers that I’ve worked with in recent years today are only too happy to take like a half-assed take and then say, ‘Oh you’re done’ and then fix it up on the computer screen, and that’s the way it’s done these days,” he continued. “That didn’t exist when the first Skid Row record was recorded, that’s just the sound of five guys in their late teens, early-to-mid 20s, in a garage writing tunes and coming up with sounds. And that’s what you get, and that’s the music that lasts the test of time.”

Read the full interview on Loudwire.


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Our new parents ROCK!

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