Tom Morello Curates Playlist for Led Zeppelin’s 50th Anniversary

Tom Morello curated a playlist of his favorite tracks for Led Zeppelin’s 50th anniversary.

The “Led Zeppelin x Tom Morello” playlist features 20 tracks featuring a mix of studio cuts along with four live tracks from the band’s first live album The Song Remains the Same.

The Rage Against The Machine, Audioslave, and Prophets of Rage guitarist chose a variety of Zeppelin tunes including “Out on the Tiles” and “Achilles Last Stand,” along with classics “Immigrant Song” and “The Wonton Song.” Morello also chose four tracks from the band’s 1976 live album The Song Remains the Same: “Rock and Roll,” “Celebration Day,” “Since I’ve Been Loving You” and “Stairway to Heaven.” See the entire list below.

Morello is not the first artist to create a Zeppelin playlist. The Led Zeppelin Playlist program was launched earlier this year and artists such as Jack WhiteRoyal BloodThe Black Keys, Mumford & Sons and The Breeders have created their own.