How Queen and David Bowie Made ‘Under Pressure’

How Queen and David Bowie Made ‘Under Pressure’

Brian May recalled the struggle for control that occurred between Queen and David Bowie.

When the five musicians got together to create what would be their 1981 hit track, “Under Pressure,” all musicians had their opinions about how the song should end up.

May told Uncle Joe Benson on the Ultimate Classic Rock Nights radio show, ““We went in there with a clear canvas, David and the four of us, and kicked around a few riffs and things, and that was one of the the things we came up with. I remember David Bowie reaching over to John and saying, ‘No, don’t do it like that,’ and John going, ‘Excuse me? I’m the bass player, right? This is how I do it!’”

Bowie eventually won for the most part, according to May.

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