Artist of “Abbey Road” Cover Was Told He’d Ruined the Beatles

Artist of “Abbey Road” Cover Was Told He’d Ruined the Beatles

John Kosh, the mastermind behind the Beatles’ “Abbey Road” cover, was told that his design would “destroy” the band.

Kosh recalled how he got a phone call from Sir Joseph Lockwood, the boss of E.M.I., when he found out that the LP was missing the band name and title on the cover.

“We had a deadline,” Kosh recently told Rolling Stone. “We had to go to press and the album was late and you just had to deal with it.” He decided that the cover photo with the band members crossing Abbey Road could speak for itself. “We thought, if you didn’t know the Beatles by now, where have you been?” he said, adding that the band had approved the idea.

However, Lockwood didn’t stand by the idea and reportedly called Kosh at home in the middle of the night. “I heard a string of invectives that was stunning. He was saying I would destroy the Beatles because I didn’t put their name on the cover and no one would buy the album. I was shivering after that call.”

Read the full story on Rolling Stone.


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