Roger Daltrey Says Woodstock Was the Who’s Worst Performance Ever

The Who’s Roger Daltrey voiced his disapproval for their own Woodstock performance.

In a new interview, Daltrey recalled the technical difficulties from the festival that forced the band to take the stage at nearly 5 AM.

“It was a particularly hard one for me, because of the state of the equipment,” he explained. “It was all breaking down. I’m standing in the middle of the stage with enormous Marshall 100-watt amps blasting my ears behind me. [Keith] Moon on the drums in the middle. I could barely hear what I was singing.”

“You’ve got to remember, by the time we went onstage, we’d been standing in the mud for hours,” he told The New York Times. “Or laying in it, or doing whatever in it. It wasn’t actually that muddy backstage, but it wasn’t comfort, let’s put it that way. … That’s all you could do. Waiting, waiting, waiting. We were young, and life is a lot easier when you’re young. I wouldn’t do that show now. Sod that. I’d walk away from it. I’m joking. No, I’d walk away and come back 10 hours later.”

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