Marc Jacobs Countersues Nirvana Over Smiley Face Logo

Marc Jacobs Countersues Nirvana Over Smiley Face Logo

(Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

Marc Jacobs is countersuing Nirvana after the band sued the designer for using their smiley face logo.

A year ago, the Marc Jacobs Redux Grunge Collection was released with a T-shirt that featured a very similar design to the signature Nirvana shirt. Jacobs is now arguing that he doubts the band created the smiley face logo to begin with, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The designer is seeking to prove that the group’s copyright registration for the logo is invalid.

Earlier this year, a federal court in California allowed the suit to proceed when a judge ruled that Nirvana’s complaint sufficiently claimed that they owned the logo’s copyright.

Read the full story on Loudwire.


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