Gary Holt Recalls When He and Kirk Hammett Used to Be Thieves

Gary Holt Recalls When He and Kirk Hammett Used to Be Thieves

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Slayer’s Gary Holt reminisced about the times when he and Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett would steal various items from stores.

Jon Wiederhorn’s book Raising Hell (Backstage Tales From the Lives of Metal Legends) contains an entire section dedicated to stories about rock stars and the five finger discount. Holt, who used to be bandmates with Hammett in Exodus, recalled their mischievous adventures.

“We would be in clubs or at parties and we’d take whatever we wanted, like alcohol and microphones,” Holt said. “Or we’d go to the little small local music store, and if we really needed something, we’d just sort of lift it – like strings or effect pedals if we could get to them. … We didn’t even consider it stealing. We considered it rightfully ours.”

“Near where we lived, we had a local liquor store called the Wagon Wheel that burned down,” he continued. “We had nothing to do with that, but we waded through the burnt rubble of this condemned building, risking life and limb to get to the alcohol. The bottles with plastic caps were all melted. Kirk had this old Buick Skylark. We called it the Skymobile. And we filled his trunk with gallons of whiskey bottles with these black melted caps on them. We were scavengers. It’s part of what made Exodus great, that hunger and ambition.”

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