Ozzy Osbourne Track Listing for ‘Ordinary Man’ Released

Ozzy Osbourne Track Listing for ‘Ordinary Man’ Released

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

Some of Ozzy Osbourne’s lucky fans got to listen to his upcoming album yesterday in Los Angeles before its release.

The event, which SiriusXM taped for a special airing on Feb. 20, revealed the full track listing for the album, Ordinary Man. After the album was played, Osbourne, along with producer Andrew Watt and Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan, commented on the creation of each song.

The album includes tracks that have been released in the past few months, such as “Straight to Hell,” “Under the Graveyard” and “Ordinary Man,” as well as seven new songs.

View the track listing below.

1. “Straight to Hell”
2. “All My Life”
3. “Goodbye”
4. “Ordinary Man” (featuring Elton John)
5. “Under the Graveyard”
6. “Eat Me”
7. “Today is the End”
8. “Scary Little Green Men”
9. “Holy for Tonight”
10. “It’s a Raid”
11. “Take What You Want”


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