Rock Influencer Matt Pinfield Joins 95.5 KLOS Los Angeles

Rock Influencer Matt Pinfield Joins 95.5 KLOS Los Angeles

Matt Pinfield to Host “KLOS New & Approved”

(95.5 KLOS-FM – Los Angeles) — While the radio and music industry has seen mass reductions in force, Meruelo Media announced an impactful addition to the KLOS staff, as nationally known rock music expert Matt Pinfield, joins the brand, as host of “KLOS New & Approved.” Starting on 1/17/21, the show will air each Sunday night from 8 pm to 10 pm on Southern California’s Rock Station, 95/5 KLOS-FM, and be streamed at and on the KLOS and third-party apps. The two-hour weekly show will feature a countdown of the Top 10 new Rock songs in the country, selected new “songs to watch,” artist interviews, local band salutes, and historical looks back at what life was like when some of Rock’s greatest songs were new.

Matt Pinfield said, “I couldn’t be more excited to join the KLOS family to host ‘New & Approved.’ Music discovery has always been my passion. I love sharing and turning real Rock fans into exciting new music and artists. This is the perfect fit for me – being on the station, I love, with an incredible legacy, in my home town of Los Angeles.”

KLOS Program Director, Keith Cunningham commented, “The time is right for this show and Matt is unquestionably the perfect host. After many years in somewhat of a slump, new Rock is turning a corner. 2020 saw many great new releases from Rock’s core artists and some exciting newcomers, and we believe the trend will continue. Just spend some time on social; it is hard not to notice the avalanche of young rockers on the horizon, and ‘KLOS New & Approved’ will be a powerful destination for them to get their music heard.”


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