ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons Releases New Holiday Single “Jingle Bell Blues”

ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons Releases New Holiday Single “Jingle Bell Blues”

With the Christmas season approaching, there’s always a plethora of new holiday songs that hit the digital shelves. ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons joined in the holiday spirit by releasing a Texas-blues version of Jingle Bells called Jingle Bell Blues.

Gibbons adds his own rugged elements to the originally clean-cut classic holiday song and even changes some of the lyrics to reference his love of cars. Only in the Gibbons version will you hear “bells on hot rods” and “drop tod sled.”

“We threw in some hot rod references for good measure because our preferred sleigh is the horsepower-propelled kind,” Gibbons said about the song that he hopes becomes another Christmas staple.

“Around Christmas, it always seems that there are five to ten holiday selections listed in the lower right corner of a typical juke box in a typical juke joint, the song titles and artist names printed on wreath-bedecked title strips. Our hope is for ‘Jingle Bell Blues’ to be one of those records.”

Jingle Bell Blues is now available here for digital download and will be released on a red 7″ vinyl record in December.

Listen to Billy F. Gibbons’ Jingle Bell Blues here:


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