Billy Idol’s 66th Birthday

Billy Idol’s 66th Birthday

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Today English rock singer Billy Idol turns 66, but is nowhere near slowing down. Just a couple of months ago the rocker released his latest EP The Roadside to continue his almost 50-year long music career. To celebrate the icon’s birthday, here are some fun facts you may have not known about the musician:

  1. Before his solo career began, he was a member of the punk rock band Generation X.
  2. His full name is William Michael Albert Broad. When one of his school teachers described Billy as idle, he took the nickname “Billy Idol.”
  3. He almost starred in Terminator 2 as the T-1000, but was unable to take the role when he was injured in a motorcycle accident.
  4. He was the first musician to include an email address in an album’s liner notes for the purpose of marketing.
  5. He played himself in Adam Sandler’s 1998 film The Wedding Singer.
  6. He was the voice of Odin in the animated movie Heavy Metal 2000.
  7. He is a vegetarian.
  8. The music video for Dancing With Myself was directed by Tobe Hopper who also directed the original 1974 horror film Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
  9. While in the making for the Eyes Without A Face music video, the heat from studio lights fused his contact lenses causing him to go temporarily blind.
  10. He was a member of the Bromley Contingent, a group of extremely devoted Sex Pistols fans.

Watch Billy Idol’s official music video for White Wedding here:


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