Ozzy Osbourne Turns 73

Ozzy Osbourne Turns 73

Photo by Tour Bus Live

Today Ozzy Osbourne, The Prince of Darkness, celebrates his 73rd birthday. Ozzy is famed for his shocking on and off stage antics from biting the head off a bat to snorting ants to urinating wherever he feels like it. He also became a renowned rockstar-turned reality star when The Osbournes, a show about the domestic life of his family, aired on MTV in 2002.

Here are some more fun facts about the birthday boy that are even wilder than you may have ever expected.

  1. He once fought off a robber in his Buckinghamshire, England home while naked.
  2. There is a wax statue of him in San Antonio, Texas (where he was banned for a decade) that pees when people pass by it
  3. He says he will never watch any episode of The Osbournes because he was stoned during the entire filming of the show.
  4. He once peed in a CBS’s executive’s glass of wine.
  5. His favorite personal album is Diary of A Madman.
  6. He tattooed the letters O-Z-Z-Y on his knuckles using a sewing needle and grate polish when he was a teen and also used this process for the smiley face tattoos on his knees to cheer himself up.
  7. He was bullied by Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi as a child
  8. He has dyslexia
  9. Before making it big, he spent time in jail for breaking and entering.
  10. He still suffers from stage fright.

Watch Ozzy Osbourne perform Mr. Crowley live in 1981 here:


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