Eagles’ Hotel California 45th Anniversary

Eagles’ Hotel California 45th Anniversary

Today in 1976, exactly 45 years ago, the Eagles released their 5th studio album Hotel California. Joe Walsh, guitarist known for his wild antics and guitar solos, had just joined the band replacing Bernie Leadon and added to their already popular sound. The album topped the US Billboard charts and the title track won “Record Of The Year” at the 20th Grammy Awards. Today, Hotel California is still one of the best selling albums of all time and has been certified 26x Platinum in the U.S. selling over 32 million copies.

Here are some fun facts about Hotel California you may have not known.

  1. The album was almost called “Mexican Reggae.”
  2. During their sessions at Miami’s Criteria Studios, Black Sabbath was recording in the studio next to them and disrupted the Eagles with their loud sound.
  3. Ian Anderson felt the title track sounded similar to Jethro Tull’s 1969 song We Used To Know.
  4. Don Henley brought along his own mattress to each hotel during the Hotel California tour.
  5. The Eagles watched themselves win The Grammys during band practice instead of attending the ceremony.

Watch The Eagles perform Hotel California at The Capitol Center in 1977 here:


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