15 Years Ago: Brad Delp Commits Suicide

15 Years Ago: Brad Delp Commits Suicide

Boston 1978 Brad Delp at the Music File Photos 1970's in Hollywood, California (Photo by Chris Walter/WireImage)

Photo by Chris Walter/Getty Images

Brad Delp was the lead vocalist of famous American rock band Boston. With all of the fame and success of the band throughout the decades, it seemed Delp had it all. However, behind the scenes that was not the case.

On March 9th, 2007, Delp’s fiancé Pamela Sullivan found him dead at his home in  Atkinson, New Hampshire. His death was deemed as suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning. A suicide letter was found that referenced a character’s note in the series Twin Peaks that read, “Mr. Brad Delp. ‘J’ai une âme solitaire’. I am a lonely soul.” He was 55-years-old.

The world was stunned to lose such an icon in rock ‘n’ roll. Still to this day, no one is certain on what caused Delp to tragically take his own life. However, we can always remember him for that powerful, soul-stirring voice and the incredible music he left behind for the world.

Watch Brad Delp with Boston perform Foreplay/Longtime live at Giants Stadium in 1979 here:


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