50 Years Ago: Elton John Releases “Honky Chateau”

50 Years Ago: Elton John Releases “Honky Chateau”

It was May 19th, 1972 when the Rocket Man was officially born. Sir Elton John released his fifth studio album Honky Château exactly 50 years ago from today which included mega hits including Rocket Man and Honky Cat.

Honky Château was a pivotal moment in Elton John’s Career as it revealed both his and his songwriting partner Bernie Taupin’s brilliance. Both John and Taupin’s musical growth was shining out with the album that possesses such a strong musical connection between each song.

The record was an instant hit, rising up to #1 on the charts, which was only the beginning for Elton John. Honky Château would be the first of the piano man’s seven consecutive #1 US albums.

Happy 50th birthday Honky Château! Go celebrate and spin the record or watch Elton John perform Honky Cat from the album live in 1972 here:


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