Mattel Release David Bowie Barbie

Mattel Release David Bowie Barbie

Photo by Mattel/Youtube

There an infinite amount of ways to celebrate the legacy of the Starman that was David Bowie. Barbie makers Mattel decided to take an extra creative approach by releasing a special David Bowie edition of a Barbie Doll.

This is the second Bowie-inspired doll Mattel has released, the first being a Ziggy Stardust model in 2019. The latest edition is based on Bowie’s outfit in the music video for Life On Mars, which features the rockstar dawning blue eyeshadow, a powder blue suit, and bright orange hair. All of these elements are featured on the new doll.

The description on the website reads, “To commemorate the 50th anniversary of his album, Hunky Dory, this Barbie doll wears an authentic replica of the bespoke powder-blue suit Bowie wore in the ‘Life on Mars?’ music video, complete with a foil-printed pinstripe shirt, statement tie and platform shoes. Her bold blue eyeshadow and a hairstyle inspired by Bowie’s ‘70s glam era bring this look to life.”

You can purchase the Bowie Barbie Doll by clicking here.

Watch David Bowie’s music video for Life On Mars here:


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