Happy National Vinyl Record Day

Happy National Vinyl Record Day

Happy National Vinyl Record Day! In the past few years, vinyl has made an impressive comeback with customers of all ages choosing physical records over digital files. People say there is something about the nostalgia, quality, and artwork of vinyl that draws them in during this digital age.

Although there is no official ranking, here is a general list of the top 10 selling vinyl records in history.

  • Michael Jackson: “Thriller” – 27 million vinyl records sold
  • Meatloaf: “Bat Out of Hell” – 25.3 vinyl records sold

  • AC/DC: “Back In Black” – 24.5 vinyl records sold
  • Pink Floyd: “The Dark Side of the Moon” – 23.7 vinyl records sold
  • Eagles: “Their Greatest Hits” – 21.6 million vinyl records sold
  • Fleetwood Mac: “Rumours” – 20.2 million vinyl records sold
  • Bee Gees: “Saturday Night Fever” – 20.2 million vinyl records sold
  • Led Zeppelin: “Led Zeppelin IV” – 19.5 million vinyl records sold
  • Grease: “The Original Soundtrack from the Motion Picture” – 19 million vinyl records sold
  • The Beatles: “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” – 18.2 vinyl records sold

Be sure to spin all of your favorite albums today!


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