Ozzy Osbourne Signs Thousands Of Records At Fingerprints Music

Ozzy Osbourne Signs Thousands Of Records At Fingerprints Music

Last weekend, dedicated fans got the chance to meet a legend. The day after the release of his 13th studio album Patient Number 9, Ozzy Osbourne appeared at Long Beach’s Fingerprints Music to sign copies of the new record.

Thousands of hardcore Ozzy fans showed up for the once-in-a-lifetime event, many of whom camped outside the music shop the night before. Facepaint, Black Sabbath shirts, and lots of black clothing were prevalent throughout the massive line that extended across multiple blocks. A giant blowup Ozzy wearing a number “9” jersey was also present at the event to keep fans company as they awaited meeting the real-life Osbourne.

When The Prince of Darkness arrived, he was greeted with tons of cheers and loving words by his enthusiastic fans as he sat upon a black leather throne. Osbourne spent hours signing his autograph on his listeners’ copies of Patient Number 9. It is clear that after all these decades in the spotlight, Osbourne still holds a deep appreciation for his fans, enough for him to spend hours making their days with this unforgettable memory.

Click here to check out Osbourne’s newest record Patient Number 9.

If you missed the signing event, you can watch this recap from our TikTok here:


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